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S.P 导师

牛津大学教育测评中心 Centre for Educational Assessment:


研究助理 Research Assistant


创始人 Founder of RealiZe Youth Services


牛津大学 University of Oxford:


博士 | 教育学 教育评估 DPhil Education (Assessment)


华威大学 University of Warwick:


硕士 | 教育创新与评估 MA Educational Innovation and Educational Assessment

I am an educator who has returned to academia after 13 years as a practitioner, local authority manager, and entrepreneur. I currently work as a Research Assistant in the Oxford University Centre for Education Assessment (OUCEA). I am reading for a Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Oxford, in which I have the privilege to be one of the first researchers to examine the interpretation and enactment of the new Key Stage 2 Assessment Arrangements in primary schools in England. This project builds upon work that I undertook during my MA Distinction in Educational Innovation at the University of Warwick.

I worked for Oxfordshire County Council as a Connexions Specialist Personal Advisor and then I was as Senior Practitioner for Warwickshire County Council. In 2011, I founded a social enterprise called RealiZe Youth Services which formed innovative partnerships with parish, borough, and county councils, the police, schools and community groups to create services for children and young people in areas where there were no services. I am an experienced trainer, facilitator and presenter and currently consult with the European Learning Network.

T.D 导师




BBC, Sunday Times, Telegraph and Independent


自由新闻撰稿人 Freelance Journalist


牛津大学校报 Cherwell Newspaper, University of Oxford:


主编  Editor


牛津大学 University of Oxford:


学士 | 历史与政治 BA History and Politics

牛津大学 亨利六世奖学金 The King Edward VI Scholarship

菲利普戈德斯新闻奖 Philip Geddes Award

I read BA History and Politics at Christ Church, Oxford University. I received the King Edward VI School Foundation Scholarship and a college scholarship from Oxford after achieving a first class score in my first year exams. My specialisms are in British history, international relations, statistics and political theory. My vocational interest is in journalism, and I have written for the Sunday Times, Telegraph and Independent in the UK, as well as editing Cherwell, the Oxford student newspaper, and winning the Philip Geddes Award for student journalism. In my spare time, I follow politics closely and debate.

M.M 导师

牛津大学 University of Oxford:

硕士 | 应用语言学与二语习得 MSc Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition


宾夕法尼亚州立大学  Pennsylvania State University:


学士 | 心理学 & 应用语言学TESOL 辅修  BA in Psychology (2nd in Applied Linguistics TESOL)

My name is Mizuki Moriyasu. I am an English language instructor and currently a Master’s student at the University of Oxford. I grew up in Philadelphia (USA), attained my BA in Psychology with a minor in Applied Linguistics TESOL at the Pennsylvania State University and Schreyer Honors College, and worked full-time in Japan for a couple of years before coming to Oxford for an MSc in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition. Editing/assisting with applications and writing has been my passion and hobby for a long time and I have extensive experience with academic writing. I hope I can be of service.

K.K 导师

牛津大学 萨德商学院 University of Oxford, Said Business School:

金融研究助理 Finance Research Assistant


莱斯银行 Lloyds Banking Group:


数字市场策略 Digital Propositions Manager

牛津大学 University of Oxford:


学士 | 经济与管理 BA Economics and Management

I read BA Economics and Management at University of Oxford and worked as a Finance Research Assistant for the Said Business School. I was sponsored by ‘Big 4’ UK Bank, skilled in growth, marketing and strategy, with work experience: growing a mobile payments start-up; marketing for FinTech firms; and as a Digital Propositions Manager for Lloyds. I have gained a wide range of leadership and consulting experience over the past five years.

T.G 导师

摩根大通 JP Morgan:

销售交易部 Sales & Trading Division


牛津大学 University of Oxford:


硕士 | 金融经济学 MSc Financial Economics

新加坡管理大学  Singapore Management University:


学士 | 经济学 & 经融学 双学位 BSc  Economics (2nd major in Finance)

I read MSc. Financial Economics at University of Oxford for 2016-2017, and previously I read BSc. Economics (2nd major in Finance) at Singapore Management University (with SMU Merit Scholarship, Dean’s List, Summa Cum Laude) during 2009-2013. I worked full time as FX option broker at BGC Partners during 2013-2016 and passed all 3 levels of CFA Programme. I will join JP Morgan in its Sales & Trading Division after graduating from Oxford.

R.S 导师


英国安理国际律师事务所 Allen & Overy:

见习律师 Trainee Solicitor


牛津大学 University of Oxford:


硕士 | 民法  MA Civil Law

牛津大学 University of Oxford:


学士 | 法学 BA Jurisprudence (Law)

法学院欧洲人权法奖 The Law Faculty Prize in European Human Rights Law


威尔逊奖 The Welson Prize


安理国际学术奖 The Allen & Overy Academic Prize

Robert is currently studying the Bachelor of Civil Law Masters’ programme at the University of Oxford (Jesus College), specialising in human rights and international criminal law. He also studied his undergraduate degree in Jurisprudence (Law) at Jesus College, in which he achieved a First. Following the completion of his undergraduate studies, he was awarded the Law Faculty Prize in European Human Rights Law, the Welson Prize and the Allen & Overy Academic Prize, among others. Between his undergraduate and graduate studies, he spent a year studying in Spanish language schools across South and Central America, as well as volunteering and travelling, for which he was awarded the ISA Charity Award.

Outside academia, Robert held a number of positions of responsibility during his undergraduate studies. In particular, he was President of the Leoline Jenkins Law Society, University Manager for the law firm Norton Rose Fulbright and Captain/President of the Jesus College Cricket Club. He is also an active sportsman, having been a member of the Oxford University Cricket Club, Oxford University Amateur Boxing Club and the Jesus College 1st XI Football and Cricket Teams.

H.L 导师


平台运营主管 Director of Platform Operation


牛津大学 University of Oxford:


学士 | 数学与计算机科学 BA Maths and Computer Science

I am currently doing my undergraduate studies in Maths and Computer Science at University of Oxford. I took the American set of standardised tests, achieving scores including 5s in 15 different AP exams. I co-chaired my high school’s math club, achieving recognition at numerous national and international math competitions including distinctions at AIME and 2nd place in number theory at Princeton Math Club competition, and served as IT director in numerous societies including the inaugural HAUSCR alumni association. I also took up the role of student intern at Hsylc 2015 where I organized interviews with famous basketball player Yao Ming. Having relatively recently gone through the admission process, I wish my experience could be of value in helping you secure the university offer of your wish.

J.S 导师

软件工程师 Software Architect


牛津大学 University of Oxford:


硕士 | 软件与系统安全 MSc in Software and Systems Security

硕士 | 软件工程学 MSc in Software Engineering

鹿特丹管理学院 Rotterdam School of Management:

MBA | 金融 Finance

利兹大学 University of Leeds:

博士 | 哲学 Philosophy

硕士 | 哲学 Philosophy

杜克大学 Duke University:

学士 | 心理学 BS in Psychology & 哲学 Philosophy 双学位

辅修 | 数学 Mathematics

I work as a Software Architect, while also studying for a part-time MSc in Software and Systems Security at the University of Oxford, from which I also have an MSc in Software Engineering.  I have a MBA with a Finance major from RSM in The Netherlands and a MA and PhD in Philosophy from the University of Leeds, where I was awarded several scholarships during my PhD, including two from the Royal Institute of Philosophy.  I am from Washington, DC, in the USA, and I have a BS in Psychology with a second major in Philosophy and a minor in Mathematics from Duke University in the USA.  

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